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Barn Weddings-Events Center

265 State Rte 14, Lyons, NY

(585) 288 5870

Betty L. McDonald, Owner

Sam Kaiser, Creative Caterers

Links for Local Finger Lakes Businesses that may assist in the planning

of your Barn Wedding or Event ...

Please note that some vendors are offering a 10% discount when you book your wedding with Toganenwood Estate Barn Weddings!  I have added *Contact XXXX for a 10% Discount* under their Link!  Please mention our name to receive the discount.


Brittany Rogers  315 729 4638

and Taylor Donbrowski

MacKenzie Carlson  585-415-2118


DJ - Bands Links:

*Book with Toganenwood and receive a 10% discount from selected DJ / Bands*

*Contact Jessica for a 10% Discount*

Jessica is a former bride of ours!

*Contact Eric for a 10% Discount*

*Contact Daniel for a 10% Discount*

*Contact Jon for a 10% Discount*

*Contact Kristina Marie for a 10% Discount*

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(trio - popular covers and originals)

Custom Signs, Primitive/Rustic Decor and Wedding Favors:

*Book with Toganenwood and receive a 10% discount from select Decor Vendors*

Beyond the Lynk

*Contact Brianna for a 10% Discount, if you book with Toganenwood*

(10% Discount will apply

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