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Toganenwood Estate


Barn Weddings-Events Center

265 State Rte 14, Lyons, NY

(315) 264 3137 -


Betty L. McDonald, Owner

Toganenwood Estate Barn Weddings


($1000 for Sat and $500 for Fri/Sun Wedding Dates)

175 Reception Tables/Chairs and 125+ Ceremony Chairs are Included in the Price!

PLUS much more ... Check out the LIST that is INCLUDED!

SAVE money, time with LESS stress ...

Save $500+ on Ceremony Chairs, Save $250+ on Bottled Water (we have hot/cold water cooler), Save $100 - $300+ on alccohol (by your own - we have coolers, kegerators, metal bins, etc),  Save $? on Caterer (shop around and pick your own - we spply banquet tables for buffet), Save $150+ on Rustic Props (also save time on decorating/clean up), Save $700+ on DJ (we have playlist surround sound),  Save $500 -$800+ on Photo Booth (we have area set up to 'Make a Memory'), Save Time on decorating (lights are already on railings and beams), 7 Bathrooms including 2 hanidcapped (no porta potties).  All this and  multiple ceremony sites:  Gazebo, Covered Bridge, Deck over River, Gardens, 200yr old Sycamore Tree, Historic Barn ...


Ceremony and Reception

$3950 -- Friday or Sunday  (0 –175 people, see below what is included in price.)   14 hrs - Beginning at 9am - music lowered at 10pm, leave by 11pm.  $1800 Non-refundable Deposit.

$4450 --  0 – 75 people, see below what is included in price.  14 hrs - Beginning at 9am - music lowered at 10pm, leave by 11pm.  $1800 Non-refundable Deposit.

$5450 --  75 – 175 people, see below what is included in price.  14 hrs - Beginning at 9am - music lowered at 10pm, leave by 11pm.  $1800 Non-refundable Deposit.


Included in price ... (Saves you time and money!)

*  Historic Barn and Property

*  Inside Round, Banquet and Farm House Table/Chairs -  up to 175     

*  Outside white folding chairs for Ceremony - 125+

*  Area for DJ or PlayList - (we can supply surround sound  system)

To plug into our system you need an adapter from your device that can be plugged into a mini RCA plug that is on our system.

*  Dance Floor area with Chandelier - 12 x 24 or larger

*  Soft Drinks/Coffee Bar w/burlap skirt and Cake/Cupcake Table made from 1946 Capehart Cabinet

*  You can supply your own alcohol but would need a qualified bartender     who has taken the TIPS program AND please take all bottles/boxes home with you at the end of the evening as a caterer would.

*  Buffet tables set up in adjacent Hayloft for buffet

*  History and antiques on walls

*  900' of Riverfront, Gazebo, 200 yr old Sycamore, Gardens

*  24' x 12' Deck (4' over the water, 8' on the property)

*  Covered Bridge

*  String Lights throughout Main Barn and Lofts

*  Decorative lights on railings, beams and around archway

*  Lanterns on posts in Main Barn and lower Hayloft

*  Smart Lights spotted around  - change to color of your gowns

*  Multiple ceiling, window and floor fans

*  Photo Booth - Rustic Scene

*  Emergency Lighting

*  New Bathrooms inside and outside - 4 upstairs and 3 downstairs (no working showers)

*  Beautiful natural photo backdrops on site

*  Bales of Hay/Milk Cans for sitting spotted around the barn

*  Dressing Room / Lounge w/bath for Bridal / Wedding Party (no shower)

*  Kitchen prep area for Caterers upstairs and down. 

Water Cooler - saves on the cost and carrying of water bottles.  We supply the water, you supply the cups.  If you prefer plastic bottles, then please take them with you at the end of the night.

* Outside covered bar with kegerators (2 - 1/4 or 1/2 kegs - you supply 5# CO2 canisters), Igloo coolers (2 - 120qts, holds 188 cans each), medal bins, table, etc.

Note:  Please protect our historic barn - No open flames except for sterno covered by chafing warmers.  Propane for grills (okay outside away from main barn).  Unity Candles okay as long as they are in a hurricane candle holder, away from the barns, in or around the gazebo is okay.  No other open fames are allowed.  No exceptions!

Note:  We can park approx 75+ cars on the grass in front out of view of wedding photos in back. (22 near the corn crib, 16 on the apron around flower beds and 45 in front of the Garage).  Recommend carpooling for larger weddings.  Some take shuttle buses to and from hotels. Also, just off Ext 42 there is a place for 'Share a Ride' cars, which is just 5 miles away. Please make sure your vendors know to carpool.  I have parked 15 vendor cars with one person in a car before I even got to the wedding guests.  Parking spaces are limited!

Note:  Clean-up is completed from 10pm to 11pm. Please take your decorations with you after the wedding, since I have a wedding or tours the next day.


Note: The arrangement and coordination of the event is the responsibility of the party booking.  Owners will be available for questions or problems related to the Estate at time of event.

THANK YOU for considering Toganenwood Estate for your barn wedding venue!  Looking forward to your tour!

Note:  Refundable $250 Damage/Theft Deposit is due prior to Event and will be returned promptly after the Event, if there is no damage/theft.  Any damages/theft greater than $250 will be the responsibility of the renter(s). 

Emergency lighting and security cameras installed for your safety.

Call, text or email to Discuss any requests that are not listed here.  I am sure that we can accommodate or at least make some suggestions.

Note:  $500,00 Wedding Event Liability Insurance ($100) is Required for renters and vendors.  Certificate of Insurance should be emailed to me prior to the event.  Add $50 for alcohol coverage if you supply your own.  See one insurance carrier below: (copy/paste)

Please check other insurance sites to compare ... this is just an example.

Note:  Throwing of rice, birdseed, use of sparklers is prohibited ... some alternatives for your convenience:

*  We handed out noisemakers at our wedding. It was a great, noisy send-off. The photos are great with people holding tiny, neon swirling, banging and clicking toys with puffed-up cheeks blowing into different kinds of whistles and kazoos.

*  We did ribbon wands - they were really fun, zero mess, and they made it onto the dance floor later.

*  Bubbles are inexpensive and don't make a mess. Pictures come out so beautiful.

*  Glow sticks.


$1000 - $500 for May and June 2019 NEW Bookings when mentioning this special discount.

$250 Discount for any Active Duty Military Bride or Groom and First Responders (full time - police officers, firefighters, paramedics, national guard and emergency medical technicians).  Saturdays Only.

30% Discount on Week Day Events - 0-175 - Mon thru Thurs. - Main Barn

($5450 - $1635 = $3815).

20% Discount on 2nd event booking (repeat customers) in same year by same renter. 

Sorry, but we DO NOT accommodate photographers taking photos for other occasions.  This ensures that your wedding photos are special and unique to just weddings.


Only One Discount can be Applied per Event ...

Please Note ... as with other Venues the dates and pricing are not guaranteed until the contract is signed and deposit made.  Discounts may be governed by Time Limits and cannot be applied to signed contracts.  Non-refundable Deposits will ONLY be refunded, if you cancel and we can fill your date. Contract is final ... if you want changes and they are agreed upon, contract MUST be updated and initialed by all parties.

Please advise your guests that there is a designated smoking area in front of the metal doors of the carriage house.  They must smoke in that area only.  The historic barn is a treasure and we need to safe guard it for future generations.  As people drink they forget the rules, please help us protect the Estate. Announcement by the DJ is always helpful and appreciated!  Thank you!